what i do

Hi, I’m Elisa – welcome!

I work primarily, but not exclusively, with technology and professional service fims.

With a background in law and technology, I approach your materials with more than just a writer’s eye.

With every deliverable I create, I ask: How does this content provide value to the reader?

My underlying goal is to ensure every reader feels the time invested reading your content was worth their while.

(No, my desk doesn’t really look like that…)

Content I Create

Long-form Content

Whether a monster post or pillar page, I produce long-form content that’s thoroughly researched, insightful, and actionable.

Your site and pipeline will benefit from this 3-5000 word anchor content, loved by humans and search engines alike.

Blog Posts & Articles

I ghost write posts and articles (digital and print) from C-suite thought leadership pieces to new product introductions by-lined by staff.

With attention to author voice and brand message, each post builds authority and enlightens the reader.

Case Studies

Evergreen. Influential.

Case studies are rock stars.

Drawing on my client service manager days, I conduct the interviews. Then I tell a story that lets prospects see how – with your help – they can be the star of their own.

White papers & Reports

It goes by many names, but must always provide clear explanations and analyses resolving prospects’ most pressing questions.

Premium value induces prospects to offer up the qualifying information you want on your gated materials.

Websites & Landing Pages

Never waste a word on your website. Even your contact page should reinforce why a prospect is making a great choice by contacting you.

My four C’s for websites: Creative, Complete; Concise; and Consistent

The Sundry

Other types of content I can develop for you include:

  • email series
  • press releases
  • video scripts
  • infographic research & text
  • brochures
  • social media posts
  • product descriptions

And then there’s the repurposing. Get the most out of every piece of content and your content budget.

My Bio

Here’s the short version how I got here

It began with the law. Not my arrest - my attending law school and working as an attorney.
It began with the law. Not my arrest – my attending law school and working as an attorney.

I made an eager jump to the tech world, starting as a bullpen test script writer, ending up in project and client services management.

Soon, I was shepherding clients through every phase of the tech buying cycle.

Eventually, my love of writing and ability to foster clear communication among multiple stakeholders lead me to freelance content writing.

For you, this means I’m the B2B content writer who understands your prospects and your business.


  • Elisa is an accomplished writer. I've worked with her for the past 3 years and have always been pleased with the quality of her writing. She's organized, insightful, and a great researcher. She always adds value — brings ideas, makes suggestions — that improve our overall content creation.

    Mary Planding
    Partner, Chief Strategy & Creative Officer
  • Elisa is creative and funny, personable and great at seeing the bigger picture. She is also great at brainstorming or giving her a project without all the details ironed out and having her explore those and the best way they should be communicated to an audience. She’s quick with any edits and has a flexible demeanor about her that is easy to work with.

    BrandyMarie Brown-Hughes
    Marketing & Operations Manager
  • Elisa is a superb content writer. I love the way she expresses her creative thoughts, and molds them into an easy to digest and coherent text. She also is great at picking the right words for the right target audience + medium. If you need fluent and persuasive content on almost any given subject - Elisa can definitely provide it.

    Kobe Ben Itamar
    Marketing Manager
  • Elisa brings insight and creativity to the work that she does. We've contracted with Elisa for technical writing as well as marketing work, and she is consistent, informed, and easy to work with. Elisa truly understands business writing.

    Rivkah Gross
    RGC Group
  • Elisa Silverman is the ultimate writer; personable, flexible, dedicated, and highly professional. Elisa's unique ability to create content that communicates intended messages to targeted audiences sets her apart from the majority of writers in the field today. Indeed, I experienced a joint learning experience through our work together and this is an amazing by-product that testifies to Ms. Silverman's writing talents

    Naomi Netiv
    Writing Project Manager


work with me

I’d like to learn more about you.

Won’t you share a bit about your content needs and goals with me?

We can have a chat and perhaps set up a pilot project.

But you’re not going to get your content yesterday. My skills don’t extend to manipulating time.